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New Year Resolution!

My new year resolution for 2018 was to “be brave” and I must say, I absolutely nailed it. Here’s a recap of all the ways I was brave in 2018, and my new year resolutions for 2019. Have you made any new year resolutions? Share them with me!

2018 Be Brave Success!

Motorcycle Licence

After years of talking about it, Matt and I finally got our motorcycle licenses. It took me a little longer than Matt to nail the slow turns, but I got there eventually. I was very proud of myself! The first win on my new year resolution list.

Waitomo Black Water Rafting

There was only one thing that scared me with this one… and it was jumping off a high cliff into the deep dark depths of the black cavern water. But I did it! Go team!

Girl abseiling into dark cavern in the Waitomo Glow Worm caves, New Zealand

Skyline Rotorua

After the bungy swing was cancelled due to maintenance, Dad made me go on the Sky Swing at Skyline Rotorua. It was terrifying, I swore like a pirate, and I recorded everything for your viewing pleasure. You’ll find the whole story in this blog post.

Rotorua Rafting

I’m not sure who was more afraid of this one – me or my dad. Either way, we both bellied up to the challenge and took it on head first… literally. After flipping over the 7 meter waterfall, I was so proud of myself and totally keen to go again. Dad not so much.

I made a terrifyingly exciting decision with Matt

After being told my position at work was redundant, I didn’t feel worried. I felt liberated. You can read all about our reasoning here, but in the end Matt and I decided to spend a year travelling the world, and 6 months in, we haven’t looked back.

Leaving my dogs for a year

The most heart breaking decision of all – Matt and I had to foster out our dogs for a year. We had already decided that if we didn’t find them the right people to live with, we could can the whole trip. Luckily my Dad took in Charlie right away – and I’ve been loving the pictures of two oldies enjoying a blanket together. Kibble moved in with our friends who have 3 kids and a dog to play with. He’s so spoilt and loved; I don’t know how we’re going to get him back when we come home! I’m so thankful that they’re happy – even though writing about them brings me to tears. I miss them so much!

Tree Adventures

My last adventure before leaving Perth was with my fantastic friend Megan. Megs and I both don’t enjoy jumping off high things, and didn’t think it was part of the tree adventure program. Nonetheless, we sucked it up and jumped when the time came…. three times. Sure, it took a lot of deep breaths and supportive words (or quiet contemplation in Megs case), but we did it, and we’re awesome.

Travel shots

Have I told you I don’t like needles? I cry like a baby when I get shots, and absolutely freak out when I have to give blood. Before Matt and I left on our travels, we had to get a bazillion shots for yellow fever, hepatitis, and various other awful things. My new year resolution of “be brave” was quite broad haha.

Canyoneering Kawasan Falls

Another example of me jumping off high things! Even Matt was impressed with my efforts! You know I’m doing well when Matt is impressed. Full story here!

Diving with Sharks

Not so scary for me, but impressive to some, I had a great time swimming with sharks this year, especially at Malapascua Island.

2019 New Year Resolution Challenges!

Become a PADI Dive Master

Yep, I’m following in Matt’s footsteps. I’m going to become a Dive Master. Although not one of my 2019 resolutions, I’m pretty keen to get better at underwater photography and perhaps get a job doing it. This is just a step towards that. Also scuba diving is boss.

Learn Spanish

In line with the above, Matt and I will be living in Mexico for 2/3 months while I complete my DM and Matt does his IDC. We’re using it as an opportunity to learn a language, which will help Matt get a Diving Instructor job. I bet this one is a big new year resolution all round. Come at me Duolingo.

Drink Less

Everyone knows I love a beverage, but things are getting out of hand. I can go weeks without an alcohol free day, and that doesn’t make me feel good about myself. So now I’m marking the days as either green, amber or red, (ie: I drank nothing, I drank a little or I drank a lot) and working towards getting more green days in there.

Live Healthier

Leaving this one as an open ended, none measurable reminder that in line with drinking less, I just want to make better choices when it comes to my diet, exercise and mental health. Seems like a pretty standard new year resolution to me!

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