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Scuba Diving Wolf Rock

Off the coast of a small Queensland town named Rainbow Beach, lies a series of underwater pinnacles named Wolf Rock. Here you’ll find an amazing the home of some amazing sea creatures and a dive site you’ll never forget. Scuba diving Wolf Rock is one of those bucklist experiences you MUST partake in.

Wolf Rock is renown for being the year round home of Grey Nurse Sharks and huge Bull Rays – both considered harmless. Its incredible feeling to immerse yourself in their territory, and watch them cruise around with pretty much no regard for your proximity.

Other sea life, such as manta rays and humpback whales, are seen around this dive site at different times of the year – it’s such a special place. You can see when the best time to go scuba diving Wolf Rock here.

Of course, there is also your usual Queensland sea life if you can rip your eyes away from the sharks and rays.

If you’re super keen to head out to Wolf Rock, I recommend Wolf Rock Dive. Not only do they know the site like the back of their hand, but they pack some mean boat snacks! The visibility and current at this dive site can range quite vastly. Make sure you’re a confident diver, but it’s ok if you’re not the most experienced.

I would definitely recommend you go out of your way to experience this incredible dive site. It’s the perfect add on to Fraser Island if that’s where you’re heading . Also, a fantastic stop on your East Coast of Australia trip. See some other amazing stops on my other Queensland blog posts!

Mantis Shrimp Wolf Rock Queensland Australia

Curious to see how close the sharks and rays get? Check out my short GoPro video here. You might be surprised!

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