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Cape Byron – the Easternmost Point of Australia

Byron Bay is the home of the easternmost point of Australia! This beautiful part of the world has so much to offer, and Cape Byron is just one aspect. Make sure you but this one on your to-do list.

To see this beautiful area, you’ll need to do a 3.7 km hike. It’s short, but it’s steep, so allow two hours. You can either do the entire hike, or park up at the Byron Bay lighthouse, and start your hike by doing a lap around the lighthouse. If you’re keen for the entire hike, you can see a map here. The walk will take you through rainforest, along cliffs and on beaches. There was a plaque once upon a time, saying it was the easternmost point, but it was no longer there when we visited.

It’s such a lovely hike, and if you do it the right time of year you can see humpback whales migrating! Now that I’ve done the easternmost point and northernmost point, I’ll have to find the eastern and southern points to cross it off the bucket list! Have you been to any of the extreme points of Australia?

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