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Scuba Diving North Stradbroke Island

You’ll find North Stradbroke Island 30km south-east of Brisbane, just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Stradbroke Island, fondly known as Straddie, is just an hour ferry from the main land, so you don’t even need to spend your hard earnt cash on accommodation. This sub-tropical island is up for grabs for every person on every budget. And when this dive site is listed as one of the best in Australia, (along with Yongala, the Navy Pier and of course the Great Barrier Reef) you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Let’s jump in…

The day starts in the regular scuba way; jump in a boat, head out to a non-descript offshore location and back roll in! It’s once you descend that the magic starts.

BAM. Leopard Sharks!

Seriously! As soon as we descend, you could see the outline of the leopard sharks resting on the ocean floor. I’m not talking one or two… I’m talking 10-20 of them. And they’re so chill; happy to let you get super close to check out their amazing patterns and unique shape.

So much marine life!

When you can rip your eyes away from the leopard sharks you’ll find so much marine life, not so hidden in every corner. It’s a divers (and photographers dream).

Majestic Manta Ray

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better you hit Manta Bommie. Manta rays luxuriously swimming around, being cleaned and playing in the scuba bubbles.

In fact, all the rays…

Did I forget to tell you that there was also bull rays and spotted sting rays? Because for every leopard shark you see, you’ll see a ray hanging around too!

You want more?

Sound too good to be true? Well let me tell you… There are a few other surprises, but you’ll have to watch this video to see them!

How do I get in on the action?!

Ferries leave from Cleveland direct to Stradbroke Island. You can find information on how to get to Straddie here.

As for scuba, we used Manta Lodge, and they were fantastic. Fantastic set up and guides.

We did a day trip from the Gold Coast, and still made it back in time for a sunset dinner. Definitely one to add to your East Coast diving adventure!

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