Lane Poole Tree Adventures!

I wasn’t expecting this to be a #bebrave occasion, but turns out I had to pull my shit together and jump off high things!

Megs and I drove down to Dwellingup to Lane Poole Tree Adventures to have a fun time climbing ropes and zip lining! I wasn’t expecting anything too hectic, and I freaking love zip lines.


Lane Poole Tree Adventures

We were living our best lives; climbing ropes, scrambling over crazy obstacles in the trees, acting like Australian Ninja Warrior. I stacked it once. Megs triumphed with zero tumbles.

Lane Poole Tree Adventures

The only issue was that the end of the courses had a platform you had to jump off, which got progressively higher. The last one was 16 meters high! Megs and I almost chickened out, but we did it in the end. Super proud of us.


Check out the video below to see some of our shenanigans! Its a 60 second recap!

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