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7 Things to do in Ubud Bali that aren’t Yoga or a Detox

You’re in Ubud, Bali for 5 days. What do you do? Well my friend, there are some awesome options that don’t involve cleansing an organ or doing a yoga on your head. Re-align your shakras around this mad info!

Mount Batur

Get up early for the sunrise hike. Sure 2 am is a painful wake up call, but you miss the heat and get some amazing views. Let it be known that you wont miss the crowds. Ever. Secure your spot at any Ubud Tourist Desk. Make sure your booking is confirmed, and tell your guide you like to move reasonably fast, otherwise you’ll be stopping every 5 mins. Unless that’s your thing… then do that!  You can book this in with pretty much any of the tourist stands around Ubud. You shouldn’t pay more $30AUD per person, and that should include transport, guide and breakfast. Take a camera, your drone and save some of your breakfast for the monkeys. They’re savage.

Mount Batur Sunrise Hike Ubud Bali Indonesia
Mount Batur Sunrise Hike Ubud Bali

Waterfalls in Ubud Bali

So many waterfall options here! Matt and I visited 2; Tegunungan Waterfall and Tibumana Waterfall. We reached both by scooter, but you can organise waterfall tours with Ubud tourist desks. Small entry fees at both. Tegunungan is MUCH more busy than Tibumana.

Tegenungan Waterfall Ubud Bali Indonesia
Tegunungan Waterfall
Tibumana Waterfall Ubud Bali Indonesia
Tibumana Waterfall

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

We knew this was a popular place, so we got up at sparrow fart to get there before the crowds. We arrived after first light but before sunrise, and still there was other people and a drone who beat us! Unbelievable! It’s worth the visit though, such a fantastic set up! We rode a scooter there, but you can also organise transport in Ubud. Entry is free if you get there super early. If not you might be asked to make a small donation. Be respectful of the rice fields and don’t go trampling through them – it’s someone’s livelihood. You’ll find your way in along the main road, either through a signed entrance or via the many cafes.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces Ubud Bali Indonesia
Tegallalang Rice Terraces Ubud Bali Indonesia
Tegallalang Rice Terraces Ubud Bali Indonesia

Monkey Forest

Okay, this is an easy one – it’s basically walking distance from anywhere in central Ubud. Be warned though, monkeys are fucking terrifying. I won’t tell you again. Matt and I just sat out front of the Monkey Forest for this pic, as we’d been inside before. You’ll have a monkey investigating in no time. DON’T take any food. You’ve been warned. The monkey smiling for the camera ran at me, teeth bared, just after this photo was taken. Fuck you monkey.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali Indonesia

Tattoo in Ubud Bali

Bali is well known for high quality tattoo parlors and Ubud is no different. Do your research and choose something with a good reputation and clean practices. We went with Kings Tattoo, and were very happy with the service, quality and overall outcome. Matt got his very first tattoo, and I walked out with my fourth. Honestly can’t wait for the next one.

Kings Tattoo Ubud Bali Indonesia
We may or may not have had a few cocktails before this.

Cafe Culture

Food, food, glorious food. If you want something healthy, no worries! But don’t think that you’re stuck with alfalfa sprouts when visiting Ubud. Here are some options I enjoyed while in town.

  • Kafe – amazing for a delicious breakfast and healthy smoothie.
  • Watercress – healthy lunches with incredibly fresh produce.
  • Sweet Orange – an authentic Indonesian restaurant with views of rice paddys. Bit of a hard one to find, so make sure you have time to get there!
  • Casa Luna – get your coffee and delicious desserts here!
  • MyWarung – fantastic nasi campur here, wash it down with an ice cold coconut.
  • Mingle – the most delicious cocktails in town, and they have a banging happy hour.
  • Warung Krisna – hidden up a laneway, you’ll love the food made here. I had the mie goreng.
MyWarung Ubud Bali Indonesia
Vegetarian Nasi Campur, MyWarung

Ubud Bali Markets

Ubud Art Market; a whole street, dedicated to all the clothes, accessories and souvenirs you could possibly need. Make sure you barter on the price (but be respectful, of course).

If clothes aren’t your thing, try out the Sayan night food market and get yourself some yummy food. I recommend the bakso! Be wary of the chili sauce. That shit is intense!

A perfect few days in Ubud, Bali! Which one do you think you’ll do first?

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