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Chasing Waterfalls on Cebu Island

*Insert generic TLC waterfall reference here* Wow. There are so many waterfalls on the island of Cebu! How could you possibly pick just one? Well we didn’t. We picked three. So, here are three Cebu waterfalls for your viewing pleasure!

Kawasan Falls

This is the Cebu waterfalls that everyone visits when they come to this gorgeous island. It can be found about 45mins south of Moalboal. There’s signs for the trips to Kawasan Falls, canyoneering Kawasan Falls (which Matt and I did – post still to come)… It’s the closest to Moalboal and probably the most accessible.

There’s a nice path heading up to the falls. Sometimes you’ll be approached by a Filipino telling you that they are you guide. This is not compulsory. You do not need a guide. If you would like a guide, you will be expected to pay about 200 pesos once you reach the Falls. Visiting the Falls itself was nice, but nothing exceptional. You need to hire a lifejacket to swim near the actual Falls, which is kinda weird for those of us who can swim. Actually, you probably need to hire anything you touch there. The rafts… the tables… probably the water too I don’t know.

I rate Kawasan Falls a 5 out of 10.

Kawasan Falls Cebu Philippines
Kawasan Falls Cebu Philippines 2
Kawasan Falls Cebu Philippines 3

Aguinid Falls

This was my favourite falls. Located another 45 mins south of Kawasan Falls, Aguinid Falls was only made available to the public in the last year or two. Everyone is required to pay an entrance fee of about 200 pesos, and you will be allocated 2 guides per group. You WILL need the guides, but they are not included in the entry price. You will be expected to tip the guides. Matt and I gave another 200 pesos.

Anguinid Falls is a “5 stage” waterfall. You will need the guides to show you how to climb, rappel and just generally navigate your way UP these waterfalls and back down. Each little waterfall is unique and beautiful in it’s own way.

You can rent watershoes and a lifejacket before you start the hike up the waterfall. Matt and I are strong swimmers so didn’t get lifejackets. We are also Australians, so we climbed the waterfalls in thongs (flip-flops/jandals/pluggers/whatever)… but I would probably recommend the watershoes. As for clothing… you WILL get wet. Very wet. You have been warned.

I rate Anguid Falls a 10 out of 10.

Anguid Waterfall Cebu Philippines
Anguid Waterfall Cebu Philippines 2
Anguid Waterfall Cebu Philippines

Mantayupan Falls

A waterfall recommended by locals, this waterfall was about 1 hour 30 mins north of Moalboal. Nothing going on here except a beautiful waterfall, not really regulated by anyone. There was a small entrance fee of 50 pesos, after that we were left alone. You cross a beautiful hanging bridge to reach the falls, which looks like it also has a hydropower facility. There was one large Filipino family having a bbq there and one other group of tourist. There was no one bothering us to pay for things, buy things or anything like that. It was nice to just sit back and enjoy the falls (and wish the Filipino family would share their BBQ).

I rate Mantayupan a 7 out of 10.

Mantayupan Falls Cebu Philippines
Mantayupan Falls Cebu Philippines 2
Mantayupan Falls Cebu Philippines 3
Mantayupan Falls Cebu Philippines 4

To get to these waterfalls Matt and I hired a scooter, which of course meant we always had to pay for parking. You can also hire a driver to get you around if you’re not scooter inclined.

If you’re searching for other waterfall locations, check out my post about Ubud, Bali!

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  1. The last time I visited Cebu was 4 years ago. We were not able to see the waterfalls because we went island hopping. I’d like to go back to chase waterfalls also. Been encouraged by your post. Thanks!

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