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Shark Dive Extreme!

For Matty’s birthday I bought him a dive with sharks at Manly Aquarium! We had done as assisted dive while we were in Malaysia, so I thought we should give it another go. Shark Dive Xtreme runs shark dives at Manly Aquarium, which connects up to the ocean. We would be swimming with grey nurse sharks, turtles and sting rays.

We were suited up in super warm suits and warned the water would be cold. Then we were weighted down so we could walk on the aquarium floor.  They gave us some practice runs before we moved into the aquarium. It gave us a chance to practice our shark moves.
Once we were in we were given free run to have a bit of a look around. The only rules; no sudden movements and keep your fingers away from the turtles. They bite.
On the way back I lost balance, fell onto my back and got stuck due to the weight of the tanks. I couldn’t stop laughing, which is hard in scuba gear. Great experience, but not really anything like scuba diving.

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