Pigeon House Mountain

My friend and I hit Pigeon House Mountain for a decent 4 hour hike. Pigeon House Mountain is a mountain at an elevation of 720 metres, located on the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia.
Our first task… laugh at the hiking nerds with those stupid sticks that make them look like insects. We soon passed them, skidding up the gravelly incline.
All smiles scrambling up rocks.
We reached the halfway point! Yay!
The Aboriginal name for the mountain is Didthul which means “woman’s breast”. Here is Haley, licking the nipple…. hahaa.
Ladders to get us up the cliff face.
Almost there….
Finally. The glorious 360 degree views from the top.
Aaaaand then the hike back down.
I’ve hiked Pigeon House Mountain a few times, it’s a great challenge.



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