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Malaysia Holiday! Langkawi

Poor Matty did not start the new year in good shape. All the drinking and cigars was not a good choice for him. I had to practically drag him to the airport to get our flight to Langkawi.
When we got to Langkawi, it was a dream. We were staying on the southern part of the island. The resort was lush and green. Our hotel room opened up to the pool area.  The pool area had a swim up bar. The whole place was situated right next to a private beach! Unbelievable. We spent the day taking advantage of the facilities.
That night, we hired a scooter (for the whole stay) and scooted into the main street to check out the surroundings and grab some dinner.
Our second day was spent relaxing at the resort, checking out the main street (during the day this time), and filling ourselves with delicious Malaysian food.
Day three in Langkawi was a snorkeling trip! A tour company booked through the resort took us out to a little reef. They provided all the gear needed to snorkel. There was a lot of fish, but reef was very very damaged/dead, so it was a bit sad.
That night we met up with a German couple at our resort, and had dinner and drinks with them. It was a great night full of delicious seafood, drinks on a beach bar and even a hookah.
The following day we went out on another tour, this time on a jetski. We decided on a double jetski to save a bit of money. Off we went to explore the archipelago, stopping first at Dayang Bunting Island. This island has a fresh water lake within – the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. A beautiful spot where you can have a swim or go exploring on a paddle boat. The island was also home to monkeys! This was the first time I got to see wild monkeys… it was a little daunting.
The second spot was a secret swimming location with amazing scenery. We just stopped the jetskis and jumped on in! The water was bliss.
Next came some exploring and a free run through the islands. This was when the double jetski backfired. The water had become choppy and it became hard to hold on and steady myself. I was continuously bashing into Matt with every wave. Talk about boob discomfort. And then, whilst free-riding, Matt rolled the jetski. I was OVER IT.
Our third stop was on a private beach, where we could relax and soak up some sun. Instead, we were chased away by a monkey.
Once we got back and dried off, we scooted to the main city, Kuah to check out Eagle Square.
That night we visited a night market for dinner. Weird meat on a stick… stir fry served in plastic bags and eaten with hands… Matt didn’t last long, and we had to rush back to the hotel to deal with his “Malaysia Belly”.
 Our last day in Langkawi we met up with our travel agent and went fishing with him and his mate. They were good fun, and had a great sense of humour. The only fish we caught were tiny, but they insisted we keep them. I wasn’t a fan of that, but that’s the way they do things in Malaysia I guess. I caught more fish, but Matt caught the biggest one.
We had a late flight to our next stop… Kota Kinabalu.

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