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Europe Wandering – London

We begun our London journey by getting off the airport train and lining up for an oyster card…. and realising we left our DLSR camera on the train. Matt ran off like a crazy man to retrieve the camera, jumping over turnstiles and yelling at security guards. All our precious holiday photos! Luckily the train hadn’t left the station yet. Phew!
We caught the tube to our hotel in Paddington [bear] and checked into our room. Did I say room? I meant mouse house. It was TINY! We couldn’t both both fit into our room with our suitcases and close the door. We decided to upgrade to a room that we would be more comfortable in. We then head across the road to a pub, had a couple of beers and then called it a night. 6 weeks of travelling was catching up on us, and we were beat.
We caught the tube into London the next day with nothing actually planned; we were winging it. We were tired to planning and scheduling and the rest so we just wandered around. The first thing we happened upon was Ripley’s Believe it or Not. They had some rad stuff in there.
World’s Tallest Man & World’s Fattest Dude.
My fav was the mirror maze. We separated ran through as fast as we could, trying to beat each other.
Afterwards we kept wandering around, checking out the sites, the shops and the scene.
Standard red telephone booth shot.
The biggest of all the Bens.
Real Estate options.
We took a river cruise up the Thames, got off at London Bridge and walked back. On the way we saw a ticket booth, stopped and purchased cheap tickets to see Jersey Boys that night. That night Matt discovered that he enjoyed musicals!
The next day we headed to the Tower of London and had fun taking in the history and learning a little about the monarchy.
We walked back, taking in St Pauls Cathedral (by then we were suffering ABC… another bloody church) and other sites along the Thames. Afterwards we stopped for drinks, and of course, the afternoon passed quietly with Matt and I just watching the crowds pass by – one of our favourite pass-times. We stopped at a different ticket booth, and bought another set of cheap tickets to see Sweeney Todd.
Our final full day we were up early. I was determined. We were getting on the damn London Eye. We had casually tried in passing to get on, but we had no patience left for lines, and the lines went on for HOURS. An early start did it; we successfully were on within 30mins.
Great views, even if I did get a bit nervous on the top, haha. The rest of the day was spent cruising around, looking at shops, and heading back to our hotel to get packed and ensure our bags were under the weight limits. That night we met up with my friend, who I used to live with, who moved to London a few years earlier. Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but Matt and I were properly beat. We were ready for our own beds and some vegemite on toast.
It was a great trip. There is just so much culture and history in Europe that I’m sure Matt and I will be back many, many times to see it all.


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    while and it constantly brings me back! I’m a long time subscriber, but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment before.
    Thank you for the cool upload.

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