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Malaysia Holiday! Kota Kinabalu

After the long plan ride, we rocked up to our resort (the Shangri-La), ordered room service and spent the night in. We dressed up in big fluffy bathrobes and just enjoyed each others company.
Our first full day was spent checking out our fancy resort and relaxing by the pool. We sipped cocktails, rough-housed around and¬†Matt had a go at being a big kid. During the fun I lost my toe ring ūüôĀ
Our first outing was to Kota Kinabalu zoo. I won’t share pics of the enclosures; they were just too depressing. They put on an animal show at the end, which we watched. I learnt about some new animals, and saw some displays of their skills… but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. There are nicer sanctuaries to visit.
That night we caught the hotel shuttle into the main city and had a delicious seafood dinner. We also visited a local nightclub. We were quickly ushered the the “VIP” area, and danced the night away with locals. Malaysians sure know how to bust a move!
The next day we visited an Orangutan orphanage. It was great to see the animals in the wild and being looked after by specialist. Also: cuuuuuute! We explored a treetop walk and a rainforest trek before heading back to the hotel.
That afternoon we we hit a couple of golf balls at the driving range (I’m hopeless at golf and had the worst time)¬†and did a couples spa and massage (I love the rose petal bath).
The next day we took a boat trip to¬†¬†Manukan (chicken)¬†and Mamutik (duck) Islands to snorkel. The sea life was much of the same – pretty parts, but not as vivid as places in Australia. Also… no chickens or ducks were seen.
After lunch, Matt played soccer with the locals. I sat around soaking up the sun. What? I’m on holiday. Haha.
Our last day was spent on some all terrain vehicles, exploring the jungle and beaches. It was gloriously muddy!
That afternoon we spent some time with one of the resort chefs, and he taught us to cook some traditional Indian food. He also gave us a copy of his cookbook to take home with us.
The next day we flew home. Malaysia was a beautiful country full of friendly vibrant people. I can’t wait to visit again.

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