Malaysia Holiday! Kuala Lumpur

My partner and I took our very first overseas trip together to Malaysia to celebrate the New Year! Our first stop, Kuala Lumpur! Our flight got in late, so we went straight to bed, ready for a fresh start in the morning.
In the morning we went straight into the city centre to check out the Petronas Twin Towers.¬†We considered heading to the top, but were on a budget and didn’t have much time in KL.
Petronas Twin Towers


Next, we headed to the KL bird park – the world’s largest free flight walk in aviary. It was a beautiful setup, and the birds were beautiful.
We were able to have a photo taken with a heap of birds. You might be able to tell – Matt was a bit freaked out about the bird on his shoulder.
Kuala Lumpur Birdland Park
After the bird park we spent the afternoon scoping out the city for a good place to spend New Years, ate some delicious local cuisine and relaxed in the hotel pool.
We started New Years at a feast the hotel through, and some amazing cocktails at the hotel bar.
New Years in Kuala Lumpur
Next, we headed to an awesome bar for champagne, shots and some cigars… We’re not smokers, but Matt had never had a cigar before and wanted to give it a go. Wasn’t the best choice.. hahaha.
It was almost midnight, so we headed to the main street to find a good spot for the city fireworks. The main street was jammed packed full of people, spraying foam everywhere from cans! Matt and I got sprayed in the face, and seperated in the huge crowd. It was a scary couple of mins, but we found each other again. We very quickly made our way to a safe spot where we wouldn’t be foam attacked again.
We hung around for the fireworks, but weren’t keen for any more drinks, so headed back to the hotel, to get ready for the next part of our Malaysian adventure.

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