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2 Days in Santiago, Chile

Got a couple of days before your flight? Or thinking of checking out the city capital before exploring the rest of Chile? Well be prepared with my 2 day guide of Santiago, Chile!

Now I won’t fib – Matt and I spent a WHOLE WEEK in Santiago, but it was totally unnecessary. You can see the best stuff in just a couple of days, and save the rest of your precious annual work leave for discovering the rest of South America! So without further ado, here are the highlights! Be prepared to witness my obsession for ceviche…

Day 1

Castillo Hidalgo, Santa Lucia Park & Fuente Neptuno

The perfect way to see views of the city! A beautiful garden with lovely fountains and architecture. A relaxing getaway from the bustling city. Free entry too! Save those buckaroonies!

Woman in Santa Lucia Park Santiago Chile South America
Views from Santa Lucia Park Santiago Chile South America
Man in Santa Lucia Park Santiago Chile South America
Woman looking at Fuente Neptuno Santiago Chile South America

La Moneda Palace & Constitution Plaza

Walk on through to the Presidential Palace and see what the locals are doing today! Fantastic place to chill out on the grass and watch the world go by. Stick around for the 10am guard change.

La Moneda Palace Constitution Plaza Santiago Chile South America

Plaza de Armas

Head on down to the historical center of Santiago in the late afternoon to see the crowds gather for games of chess and the painters selling their work. The perfect place to get a taste of Chile.

Plaza de Armas Santiago Chile South America

Ceviche & Pisco Sours

Fill your belly with the famously delicious Chilean ceviche and try out a pisco sour! Served at pretty much every bar and restaurant, so just pick one that suits your vibe!

Ceviche Snack Santiago Chile South America
Girl drinking a Pisco Sour in Santiago Chile South America

Day 2

Cerro San Cristobal

It was a hard uphill slog, especially since we hadn’t hiked since Rio de Janeiro, but the views were certainly worth it! You’ll find the beginning of the hike at the entrance of Metropolitan Park… you’ll also find a skyrail gondala there too, but don’t be a wuss – get those hiking boots on! Plus, hiking is free! Put that hard earned cash towards your next pisco sour.

Girl looking at church on Cerro San Cristobal Santiago Chile South America
Views from Cerro San Cristobal Santiago Chile South America
Girl on Stairs to Cerro San Cristobal Santiago Chile South America

Explore Lunch Options at Bellavista

Now there are so many options to choose from in Bellavista, but after the small taste of ceviche the previous night, we couldn’t help but choose Azul Profundo. Matt and I shared the biggest and tastiest ceviche platter I’ve ever experienced. Get your gob around this feast! If your keen as a bean, you can spend the afternoon watching the bands around Bellavista and drinking beers!

Ceviche Platter Santiago Chile South America

Discover Street Art

Although there are plenty of art galleries and museums in Santiago, Matt and I chose to do a more casual stroll around the city, stopping for beers and snacks, whilst taking in the fantastic street art. Hidden down alleyways or plastered on the sides of multistory buildings, it won’t take you long to find your favourite piece.

Street Art Santiago Chile South America

Now get ready for your flight out of Chile, or your road trip to your next exciting destination! Matt and I moved onto Mexico, but I would love to go back and see more of Chile. It’s on the bucket list! Is Chile on your bucket list?

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