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One Day in Cancun

I know what you’re thinking. Cancun is party central! It’s obvious what you should be doing with your one day in Cancun! But what if that isn’t really your scene anymore? Should you still go to Cancun? Well I say hells yeah. Cancun is so much more than thumping nightclubs and seedy drunks. Matt and I spent 2 days scuba diving around Cancun (as it had been quite a while since we last scuba’d), and left one day to check out it’s sandy shores, so without further ado, here’s how to spend your one and only day in Cancun!

Hit up one of the many breakfast options

Breakfast is a thing in Cancun! Heavily influenced by American culture, you’ll find some amazing breakfast options in Cancun for any palette. Matt and I mostly steer away from all things USA, but damned if we didn’t love a good plate of hotcakes.

Head out on a Cancun Jungle Tour

Bit of a misleading name, Jungle Tours take you out on a wild half day adventure on a self drive speed boat. You whip over the ocean, through some mangroves until you reach your destination… underwater sculptures! Don your snorkel and fins, and dive within the deep to see the statues up close. The statues are part of the MUSA initiative, but without the crowds. After a cool 45 mins at the statues, zip on back to Cancun, taking in the city-scape views along the way. This is the perfect way to see Cancun’s beautiful waters without having to fight for a spot on a free beach, or pay the ridiculous fees for a resort beach.

Speedboat Jungle Tour MUSA Cancun Mexico North America
Speedboat Selfie Jungle Tour MUSA Cancun Mexico North America
Woman Freediving Jungle Tour MUSA Cancun Mexico North America
Man Freediving Jungle Tour MUSA Cancun Mexico North America
Woman Snorkeling Jungle Tour MUSA Cancun Mexico North America

Grab yourself an afternoon beer and snack

All that boating and snorkeling must’ve worked up an appetite, so don’t deny yourself a cool beverage and a little something to eat. There are plenty of options to choose from – your chain bars like Hooters or Senor Frogs, or head down an alley way to find something a little more Mexican. A good bar/restaurant will serve your some chips and salsa with your drink. Tacos are cheap and small, so order one to calm the hunger beast or many to stuff yourself full. Pastor is the traditional filling of the area, but there are so many options, so go nuts!

Beach Beers in Cancun Mexico North America
Table of Bar Snacks Cancun Mexico North America

Explore Cancun City while it Lights Up!

Watching Cancun transition from a sunny beach side town to a nightclub mecca is fun to watch. Wander the streets as the sun sets and prepare yourself for a light show! Entertainers line the street to convince you to party and every neon sign switches on. Revel in the atmosphere – it’s actually quite fun. Take advantage of the cooling evening to check out the market stalls and tourist trinkets. They’re actually quite fun!

Main Street Cancun Mexico North America
Street Signs Cancun Mexico North America
Sunset in Cancun Mexico North America
Man looking at City Lights in Cancun Mexico North America

Time for your Mexican Feast!

Don’t you dare skip this step. Dinner is the time for feasting, and boy do Mexicans know how to serve you some food! A quick Google will show you the best stops in town, and Matt and I weren’t disappointed. Order everything your heart desires and put yourself into a food coma. Being a seaside town, don’t forget to order some seafood, if that’s your jam. A pre or post dinner margarita never goes astray – a traditional margarita (I’m told) is made with controy/cointreau, so be sure you get what the locals are ordering.

Man eating Mexican Feast Cancun Mexico North America

Now head on home and settle into a food coma, your one day in Cancun is complete. I’m sure some of you have some feelings about missing out on the party, but the party doesn’t even start until midnight in this crazy town, so you could still have a pre-party nap if that’s what you dig!

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