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A Weekend in Launceston – Part 3

This post follows on from my Part 2 post 🙂

Early Sunday morning my coworker and I took what should’ve been a 2 hour drive to Cradle Mountain. Unfortunately, we listen to the rental car’s GPS, instead of Google Maps. So 3.5 hours later, we turned up at the Cradle Mountain visitor center.

While it was a sunny warm day in Launceston, the clouds were hanging around Cradle Mountain, and I was horrified to see there was still snow on the mountain peak. As I opened the car door to get out to pay the park fees, I was hit with the icy mountain winds. I slammed the door shut and declared that I wasn’t that interested in hiking around the mountain after all. Haha.

After taking a spoon of concrete I ran into the visitor center, purchased my day pass as well as another layer to wear under my windbreaker, and off we went. We decided to just do the 6km Dove Circuit, which circled Dove Lake. Camera around my neck and my hands snug in my pockets we set off. The scenery was just divine, and once we got moving it wasn’t so cold after all.












I love how the flora changed around the lake, from weather hardy shrubs to a moss covered fairy forest. It was truly beautiful.

On the way back we stopped at Devils@Cradle – a Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary. It was pretty expensive to get in, but it was going towards a good cause.


We also saw a friendly little echidna on the way!



All in all it was a fantastic way to finish up the weekend. Back to work on Monday before flying back home on Wednesday. Sometimes my job has its perks 🙂 🙂


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