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A Weekend in Launceston – Part 2

After hiking through Cataract Dam, I wondered back through the city, admiring the old buildings. I love how Launceston has kept its heritage buildings. I stopped at Bryher for breakfast before heading to City Park.

City Park is a beautiful garden in the middle of Launceston which strangely has an enclosure for a troop of macaque monkeys. Although there is a sweet back story to it, it is still pretty weird. There used to be a zoo there, which slowly reduced in sized. Eventually the council decided to just keep one animal in honour of the history of the park, and chose an animal best suited to the climate.

Next up was a trip to the local wine region! The first stop was at a picturesque winery called Josef Chromy for a wine tasting and some lunch. Both exceeded expectations! I had a cheese platter (of course) and enjoyed an extra glass of shiraz. So good.

The second stop was Sharmans Wines which had views of the lush green rolling hills of the surrounding farm lands. The wines weren’t my cup of tea, but the other locals seemed to love it.

Once back to Launceston I had a wander around to a few different bars to test out some different cocktails. Henry’s and Stillwater were two of my favourite. I also stopped in at Van Diemen’s Land for a look; a little funpark with activities like rockclimbing and ziplining.

I eventually stumbled upon a little fiesta celebrating Cinque de Mayo run by a small Mexican restaurant called Holy Guacamole. There were fun bands, cocktails and locals dressing up. It was a great way to end the night! Amazing the things you find when you’re walking around being a tourist. The pictures are of a band called 1-4-U.


Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night! Luckily it finished up reasonably early; I had plans for Sunday morning!

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