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6 Days in Perth: an itinerary

My mum came to visit me for the first time since we moved to Perth over 2 years ago. I bought her plane tickets over for her 60th birthday, and wanted to show her the best of what Perth has to offer. This resulted in 6 jam packed, fun filled days! Let me break them down for you!

Day 1 – tourist time in Perth and Fremantle.

The first day you’re getting the layout of the land. We stopped in Perth, did some shopping in Hay and Murray st Malls. Had a small lunch and a beverage at the Spaniard and checked out some street art in Wolf Lane. Wandered down to Elizabeth Quay and the Bell Tour and finally stopped for another beverage at the Lucky Shag. If you’re into the small bar scene, you should definitely spend some more time in Perth and discover the fun it has to offer. 2 Feet do small bar tours if you’re interested! Here’s my review!

Next we took the train down to Fremantle and wandered through the Fremantle Markets, down the main street, stopped at Little Creatures for a beer and a snack, and then walked around the Fisherman’s Boat Harbour. If you like a chilled out vibe, Fremantle is the place for you, and the best place to stay if you want to head to Rottnest.

Day 2 – all the sand, all the rocks and another harbour.

Day 2 you’ll need a car for. We made the trip north to see the Lancelin Sand Dunes. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can hire sand boards and quad bikes. If you have a 4WD, you can try your hand at cruising over the dunes. If you want to stay on your own two feet, make the climb to the top of a dune to see views of the Indian Ocean.


Next up was the Pinnacles. Everyone sees pictures of the Pinnacles and thinks “oh rocks, that’s not exciting”… but it really is!! It’s extraordinary! I’ve done a review of the Pinnacles before, and I’ll recommend it to everyone who visits Perth.



On the way back to Fremantle we stopped at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. It’s a lovey spot to check out as a tourist, have some food and a drink. Views for days.


We also had a cheeky stop at the Fremantle Rainbow Containers.


Day 3 – Swan Valley Wine Tour

Mum and I were lucky with this one… my Matty volunteered to drive us around. If you’re not so lucky, there are some great wine tours you can join. D’Vine and Top Gun are two that I’ve used. We visited Lancaster (my favourite), Margaret River Chocolate Company, Ugly Duckling and Feral Hog Brewery.

Day 4 – Kings Park and Lesmurdie Falls

You don’t have to be an avid gardener like my mum to enjoy Kings Park and the Botanical Gardens. It’s a beautiful spot take a relaxing walk, see amazing views of the city and perhaps sit back at the cafe for a coffee or a wine. On the way into Perth we stopped at South Perth foreshore to see the view.

Once again, if you have a car there are plenty of hikes and waterfalls in the hills you can discover. One of the more popular ones is Serpentine Falls where you can have a swim and relax. Mum wasn’t too keen on a swim, so we went to the closer and more spectacular Lesmurdie Falls.

Day 5 – Rottnest Island

What can I say about Rottnest? It’s just stunning. Hire a bike to get around – there are no cars here. Discover all the beaches, take a dip… maybe even hire a snorkel set if you’re into that. There’s plenty of fish to see! And of course, there are the quokkas. So adorable.

After all that adventuring you’ll want to sit back and relax… grab a beer and some grub at the pub. The quokkas and a rouge peacock will come find you in there as well! What an experience!

Day 6 – whatever you like! … we got a tattoo!

There’s so much of Perth to see, but if you followed this itinerary you are probably like us… pooped. So we sat back and relaxed around Fremantle. Mum wanted a souvenir of her time here, and what better reminder than a tattoo! We headed to Modern Ink, the tattoo parlour I used for my cover up and were lucky enough to get a walk in. Mum couldn’t be happier with her first tattoo. Only took 15min, and looked mint!


Last but not least, don’t forget to see a west coast sunset. They are glorious.


There you have it! 6 days in Perth. If you have any questions about these activities, or you think there is something we’ve missed out, go ahead and leave a comment below!

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