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BeauVine Food & Wine Festival

A big “to-do” here in Perth, BeauVine is a 3 day street food and wine festival located on Beaufort street, a 10 min walk from Perth train station. Offering wine, beer and cider from near and afar, and food from some of Perth’s most loved restaurants, it’s not a bad way to spend a day out with friends. The good vibes and friendly atmosphere alone will keep you going all day.

Your $30 ticket will get you entry, a wine glass and free beverage tastings all day – so make sure you get your moneys worth! You can also purchase full glasses, if you’re sick of getting up and down for a refill.

There are day or night sessions. We opted for a day session to soak up some of that glorious Perth sunshine. If you get in early enough, you can set your crew up with a table and chairs, and have a really chilled day. Just be sure you wear your sunscreen folks, even on a cloudy day (epic fail).

There are ATM’s available, and some of the vendors took cards as well as cash, but get your money out before arriving to avoid some huuuuge lines. You’ll need cash for your full sized beverages (the rose spritz is amazing) and for the delicious food you’ll no doubt be wanting after a few bevvy’s. Matt and I went for a gyro and a pulled pork burger. No regrets.


Once our 11am – 4pm session was over, we trundled back into Northbridge for dinner at Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodle Bar. Not at all associated with BeauVine, but worth a mention all the same. A small unassuming Laundromat facade opens up to a multi-level Japanese Restaurant, dishing up the most delicious ramen you’ll ever taste. Highly recommended!


BeauVine hits Perth once a year over once glorious weekend in October, with tickets prices ranging from the cheap and nasty (what we got) to the VIP specials. Check out all the details at

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