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How the hell do you plan for the FIFA World Cup?!

Hi everyone! The FIFA World Cup is being held in Russia next year, and I thought I would share the process I went though to get tickets. I felt a bit anxious throughout the whole thing. What if tickets were released, and then accommodation and flights went through the roof? What if I got accommodation, and then I didn’t get any tickets? I’m sure I’m not the only one with these questions rolling around my head. Here’s how it went down…

fifa world cup

12 months out, the Confederation Cup just finished (literally, it’s the 3rd of July) and I still have no idea when FIFA World Cup tickets go on sale.

The game schedule has been released, so on the 14th of August we decide to just go ahead and pick 2 locations, 2 games at each location, and book our hotels. Through we can get free cancellation, so worse case scenario; we don’t get tickets and we cancel the hotel.

2 days before they went on sale, they announce the ticketing phases! Even though I’m registered with the FIFA site, I don’t get an email. I find out on Twitter.


On the 14th of September I log onto the FIFA website to apply for the random selection draw! I was met with this;

Once I applied for all 4 games, ticking an option saying that I’d accept a lower category ticket if I didn’t succeed in the requested category, I received an email, confirming my application.

After that… silence until the 25th of October, when I received an email telling me that payments will be attempted in the next couple of days if we were successful in receiving tickets. I had to ring my bank and let them know, so they wouldn’t deny the payment. If they denied payment, the tickets would be reallocated to someone else.

On October 31 the money was taken from my account, and I received an email confirming I had received 3 games in my preferred category, and one game in a lower category! Hooray!!

So although I don’t know who’s playing, Matt and I are heading to the World Cup! I hope this goes some way into helping someone in the next ticket phase. I’ll probably update this at a later stage, especially if Australia gets through to the World Cup – I’ll be wanting a ticket to one of their games!

Let me know if you have any questions at all, happy to answer them all! Also, give me all the advice you might have, and any tips on Russia!

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