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Eat Drink Walk Perth Small Bar Tour

Eat/Drink/Walk Perth Small Bar Tour is a walking tour of Perth CBD run by Two Feet and a Heartbeat. I won the tickets about a year ago, and I finally got myself into gear and booked Matt and I on a Friday night tour. Having won the tickets, I really had no idea what the tour was all about, but I liked the idea of walking, eating and drinking, so I didn’t really see a downside!

We jumped on a bus and then a train, and got our butts into Perth for a 6.30 pm start. Perth public transport is some of the best public transport I’ve ever been on. The services are regular and clean. For some reason though, the air con was broken on our bus, so we were a bit uncomfortable on the ride in.


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I’m a compulsive early person and it drives Matt insane. So, true to form, we got to the meeting point 20 mins early. We stopped into Petition bar and grabbed a couple of beers to bide time and begin our night. Petition is an awesome bar, but always full of business people grabbing after work drinks. We were luck to get space at a table to set our drinks down at.


The meeting point was at town hall, on the corner of Barrack and Hay streets, which I had never really taken the time to have a good look at. It’s actually really pretty, and there was lots of information and sculptures around the building. Our tour guide, Paul, walked us around, pointing out features of the building and chatting about the history of Perth and how it was founded.






After the brief history lesson, we walked towards our first bar – Bar Sequel. Bar Sequel had an old retro movie theme, focusing on the “sequels”, like the Back to the Future movies, the various Star Wars and the Rocky movies. Here we grabbed a couple of beers, snacked on some food which was provided by the tour, and just hung out for 30 mins or so.

Next, we strolled past the cathedral and through the old treasury building, again getting a bit of a history lesson, but also restaurant recommendations! Will definitely need to check out some of the restaurants here.



We continued down St Georges Terrace, looking at the statues and art installations until we got to the Angels Cut in Brookfield place. The fit out of this bar was incredible; full of framed art and plants, and a huge angel figurehead hanging above the bar. Here we were provided with their famous chicken wings and a jug of dark and stormy. I’d never had a dark and stormy before, and let me tell you, it was freaking delicious. Chicken wings were average though, haha.




After polishing off the cocktail jug, we kept on moving down St Georges Terrace and turned onto King Street, whilst Paul kept telling stories and the history of Perth, keeping us entertained between stops. Some of the most random things actually have a story behind them, including this palm tree next to His Majesty’s Theatre which is covered in bottle caps.


We continued up King Street until we turned into Wolf Lane, admiring some of the street art before heading into our last stop; Cheeky Sparrow. Here we bought a couple of beers and sat down to share a pizza with the group. It was a busy bar with some interesting cocktails; the special was a KFC inspired drink, which I was curious to try, but was just too full of food and drink to fit anything more in.





Overall, the night was fun, and would be a great way for any visitor of Perth to begin a big night out; the tour ran from 6.30 pm through to 9.30 pm, which is the time when Perth nightlife starts heating up. The tour also finishes next to the newly opened Sewing Room, so you have an easy place to keep the party going.

If you’re interested in a tour with Two Feet and a Heartbeat, you can use the discount code TFPERTH to get 10% off any of their tours! They also do some pretty tasty sounding whisky tasting and cheese tasting tours.

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