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Bells Rapids

Bells Rapids is a hike in the Swan Valley which follows a scenic section of the Swan River, which by my garmin is about 4km long… but I took a few detours. I found Bells Rapids on the Life of Py blog when researching good places to take the dogs on hikes.

To get to Bells Rapids, don’t follow Google directions; it sent me to a person’s house. Look up the actual address and put that into your GPS. Lesson learnt. When you hit the dirt track drive ALL THE WAY to the end of the street. Or just park where ever like I did, and add the extra km’s onto your hike.

I turned left after the bridge and promptly lost the path. Apparently there was a fork where I was supposed to stay right… but I ended up walking along the river edge, scrambling over rocks. All good fun, and I got some lovely photos.

I reached the end of the riverside track and started the steady incline to the top of the hill… steady and steep! I was so head down, digging my heels in that I almost missed the bum rock! What a monument! Haha.

The views from the top was amazing. I could clearly see the city, a beautiful view of the bridge crossing, and a train passing!

I made the entire loop in just over an hour. It was just enough of a challenge to keep it fun, but easy enough that it was enjoyable. The dogs loved it too! Definitely a hike to add to your to-do list.

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