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The Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Trail

Another day discovering nature with the dogs! The Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Trail is located south of Perth in the city of Kwinana. It was super easy to find and Google maps got me there easily… unlike Bells Rapids….

The tracks were super random. There were ranger tracks and walking tracks and they all looked the same. I’m not sure if I got lost or not… it all turned out okay though.



The first stop a little lookout over the lake. The walk to the end was a bit creepy, and there were so many spider webs. Lucky I went early, because I must’ve sounded like a crazy person; yelping and cursing every time I ran into a web.






This was “Paperbark Lookout”. It was a 50m walk into the middle of the paperbark forest. I was a little confused, as it wasn’t really a “lookout”… but it was pretty all the same.



The trail was super flat and easy going. There were no snakes in site, plenty of birds and you would hardly know that you were right next to the Kwinana Freeway. Again, another good find from the Life of Py website.

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