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Diner en Blanc 2017

Dîner en Blanc is a worldwide event, in which people flash-gather in a public space and set up a temporary outdoor picnic. The rules of the dinner are to dress in white, and share a good time over food, wine and good company. This was our second year attending (check out the first year here) and boy is it a bother.

This year we met up at our mates house again for a quick pre-drink before heading down to Leederville train station to meet with our group leader and 16 of our friends. We uber’d down, carted our chairs, table, esky and picnic basket all the way from Fremantle, to Mount Hawthorn, then to Leederville… only to be told that we were heading to Fremantle. We ditched the train and drove back to Freo.

We arrived at Freo Esplanade way before our group, but I was thoroughly over carting around our gear. We set up our chairs and wasted time taking photos and people watching.

We had to move our table about a trillion times, and I was getting annoyed, so I cracked open a bottle of wine and sat back and let everyone else sort it out. Once our group of 18 was set up, surrounded by thousands of others, we had about and hour before dinner started. Dinner officially starts when everyone is prompted to wave their napkins.

Then begun the 18 person feast. There was far more food than was required, and that’s just the way I like it. I made zucchini slice and a garden salad.

After dinner sparklers are given out and lit to signify the opening of the dance floor. This is my favourite part. It’s just so pretty.

The rest of the night was filled with drinks and dancing until I couldn’t dance anymore (which I attribute to the drinks more than anything else). It was a good night, but (I said the same last year) I don’t think I’ll go again. It’s more hassle than what it’s worth. Definitely something that needs to be done once though!

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