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Rottnest Island and the Famous Quokka Selfie

Bright and early Sunday morning (well… 7am… but we were feeling a bit dusty after a night out on the beverages) we were up and getting ready to head to Rottnest Island! Matt was not in a good way. After a tactical spew (gross) and a few panadol (both for Matt) we were off! We caught the bus down to B-Shed in Fremantle and then the Rottnest Express to the island, and picked up our rental bikes from the wharf. We stocked up on water and was on our way. We spent the morning riding, snorkeling and taking in the views. There were lots of fish on our snorkel. I saw a wobbegong when we were heading back in, but as luck would have it, I had just turned off my camera. We were floating along the rock shelf; about half a meter between me and the rocks when the wobby swam under me. I was struggling between turning the camera on, not making any sudden movements and admiring it’s beautiful colouring. Such a shame I missed the photo opp.
After a lunch stop at the pub (they do a DELICIOUS salad) we went quokka hunting. The word on the street (read: internet) was that they were everywhere. It was 2pm and we hadn’t seen even one. As soon as we walked out of the pub with a plan we saw one sitting on the front steps of Dome. After that, it was on. Quokkas everywhere. The mission: quokka selfie.
With the mission completed we headed to another beach for another snorkel, swim and sunbake. Around 4pm we headed back to the ferry for our trip home. It was a great day, and a decent end to the week.

Renting a bike was definitely  the best way to get around the island. There are a couple of hills, but you don’t need a high level of fitness to conquer them. We rent our bikes through Rottness Express, and the process of hiring and pick up/drop off was simple. Next time we’ll bring bigger back packs for water, our snorkel gear, and snacks/lunch. Don’t forget your sunscreen![youtube

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