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Penguin Island

We were heading down to Rockingham to see the local wildlife! First up was a cruise around the marine park to spot some dolphins with Rockingham Wild Encounters. We found a mum and her calf. They hung around the boat for a while, then we picked up some speed so they could dive through the wake. Matt had never seen wild dolphins before, so he was captivated. It was just as fun to watch him as it was to watch the dolphins.
Next up we stopped at Seal Island to see the Sea Lions. We weren’t actually allowed to get onto the island, so we just had a look from the boat.
Our final stop was on Penguin Island, home of the local little penguins. We weren’t likely to see them, as they spend 80% of their time out in the ocean, but the Island had a rescue center for penguins that wouldn’t survive in the wild. We watched them play and frolic in their little enclosure for a while, then set of to explore the island. They were very cute and made some very interesting noises, which Matt and I spent too much time imitating…. *honk honk*.
It was a beautiful island, and we did the loop walk around from north to south. We saw a few king skinks and so many birds.
After we landed back to the main land we went in search for a late lunch. We ended up at Rustico Tapas in Rockingham. It was lovely food with some live music – we would definitely head back.

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