Sailing Croatia – Makarska

After a big night in Dubrovnik, we had a cruisey day swimming off the coast of Makarska. Everyone continued to show off their jumping skills (I politely declined) and floated serenely around the boat on cute floaties. Eventually though, after much harassment, I jumped from the second floor of the boat (there are three floors). I hated it. I hated it so much. Lucky water is wet, because it hid the tears in my eyes. Matt was determined to have me jumping from the top floor by the end of the trip.

swimming clears the cobwebs


I’m so awkward


We cruised into Makarska port to have a look around. Matt and I declined another night on the turps, found a takeaway pizza joint and settled with a couple of slices and a beer on a patch of grass to watch the storm roll in over the harbour and see the world pass by. Matt and I love people watching, but Makarska was pretty quiet and low-key. It was a peaceful night, and a nice recharge after a hectic few nights.


Luckily, the storm didn’t impede the sailing too much. Up next: Pucisca!

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