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Sailing Croatia – Dubrovnik

After an awesome day in Mjet, we woke the next morning sailing into Dubrovnik… also known as Kings Landing! *girly squeal* We all excitedly jumped off the boat, onto a rickety old bus (holy shit Croatian drivers are insane) and made our way into Old Town.


Sailing into Dubrovnik



the Dionis crew

After doing a lap of the city square, we climbed the city walls to do the full circuit from above. It was a stinkin’ hot day, and the walls had clever vendors selling cool drinks and trinkets under umbrellas. It was easy to forget the heat with those views though.



Walking the Dubrovnik city walls


After completing a full circuit of the wall, we grabbed some ice cream, took in some buskers and went for a swim just outside the city wall.


Loving the animals

We caught the bus back to the port for a shower and a change of clothes on the boat before heading out for dinner, drinks and clubbing. Let’s just say that Dubrovnik is HECTIC; they really cater for a party crowd. Matt and I bailed pretty early compared to the others, and still woke up with a banging hangover. I blame the size of the beverages…


Next stop: Makarska!

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