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Europe Wandering – Amsterdam!

We drove from Berlin to Amsterdam. Matt asked for an Audi (fancy edition *shrug*) but we got an “or similar”… some sort of BMW. Before we even left Berlin Matt was captured by a speeding camera. The car was rented on my credit card, and I was ranting about “YOU NEED TO PAY FOR THAT”… a few weeks later it came through… $12. I had his back. While driving out of Berlin I was given the job of saying “keep right”, to remind Matt to stay in the right lane. His first right hand turn he almost turned into the left lane… much panic and curb mounting ensued. Then laughter.
I had a go of driving once we were on the Autobahn. I got up to 170km/hour… and chickened out after that. Matt got to 210, and I spent the entire time yelling “OMG SO FAST SLOW DOWN HALP”. I scared Matt once we stopped at a small town for lunch. It was a bigger car than I was used to, and I was on the wrong side of the car, so I was having trouble with the dimensions of the car. Apparently I was WAY too close to the parked cars I was driving past and giving Matt heart palpitations. I gave up on driving after that.
Once in Amsterdam we were using a faulty GPS to find our hotel. It was taking us down one way streets and round in circles. At one point we found a clear lane that we wondered why no one was using. Turned out it was for the tram, and we were about to get run down by one. Once again, much panic ensued. We were glad to give up the car.
That night we went out to dinner to McDonalds to see if they sold beer and a Royale with Cheese like in Pulp Fiction… they didn’t, and so we just ate far too many chips with mayonnaise. We went to an amazing “coffee shop” afterwards that was fitted out like a forest with swings as seats. We bought a joint and some space cookies. We ate the space cookies and waited for the action, but nothing happened and we figured we must’ve bought duds. We were beat after a long day, so we headed home to sleep. Turns out we were just taking forever to digest after a big meal, because we both had crazy dreams.
The next day we shared half the joint while site seeing. We couldn’t finish it, it was far too strong. We ended up at the Anne Frank museum, and it was amazing to see that through Matt’s eyes. He didn’t even know the story of Anne Frank, so everything was new and horrifying to him.
That night we went on a pub crawl that we found on Viator. At the meeting place Matt tried to play a poker machine. He had no idea what was going on, but he still won.
It was a good night going through different bars, clubs and the red light district. Fun, but not as fun as the Prague one!
The final day we checked out the Heineken Museum. A fun day drinking delicious beer, having fun with the history of the brewery.
Next up, London!


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