Europe Wandering – Vienna

Our next stop was the unplanned Vienna. We couldn’t get anything direct from Santorini to Prague, so we added an over-nighter at Vienna. We got in from the airport, dropped off our stuff at the hotel and went exploring. We walked the streets, saw the sites and picked a place to come back for dinner.
We booked in a tour through Viator┬áto see some old traditional pubs, experience the local foods and see some traditional dances. When we were picked up, it was like a retirement village on the bus. What were we in for? We thought this was a pub crawl! We decided to persevere, and continue on the tour. First stop was a large ferris wheel to see Vienna from above. As we were slowly going around, we turned away from Vienna to what was behind us… a HUGE theme park. We decided to flick the kill switch on the tour and head to the theme park instead. YOLO! Did I just say that? *cringe*
The next day we were up early for a train to Prague. We stopped for a ridiculously sweet breakfast first. I had apple strudel and Matt had some sort of chocolate, cream, pastry, ice cream monstrosity. Felt happily sick for the entire train trip.

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