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Europe Wandering – Santorini!

After dropping our bags at the hotel, we headed out exploring. We were staying on the eastern side of Santorini at Kamari, next to the Black Beach, caused by the volcanic environment of the area.
After some lunch and cruising the shops, we got ready to head out for our tour. It was another Viator purchase. We were heading on a wine tour and tasting – apparently Santorini is famous for its unique wines, flavoured differently by the volcanic earth of the area. Turns out the “tour” was just an underground diorama of the history of wine in the area. It was strange and a bit creepy.
The wines themselves were quite sweet. Not Matt nor my cup of tea.
Afterwards we went out to dinner – a bit buffet of traditional Greek food. I loved the moussaka.. I tolerated the dancing..
The next day was a big day out on a sailboat, exploring the unique sites of the area. We had organised this trip the day before at a local travel agent.
Our first stop was the inactive volcano Nea Kameni. We trekked the steep hill to the top and took in the views. There was a loose rock, which I moved, and felt the heat and smelt the strange sulfur scent of the volcano.
 Next up was the Hot Spring in the water beside the volcano. We swam from the boat to the spring. I was advised to not take my camera, as the volcanic water may damage it. The water was quite murky, but deliciously warm.
We stopped for a seafood lunch on Thirasia. The food was bbq’d as you ordered, and was so delicious and fresh. There was an option to walk to the top of the hill to the village, but they really didn’t allow enough time for us to do it, so Matt and I just ate our lunch and enjoyed our surroundings.
Afterwards we headed back to the main island and stopped at Oia. We took a donkey ride to the top of the stairs. Halfway up I got the guilts – it was such a hot day and the donkeys had such a hard job. I wish I hadn’t encouraged this activity by participating. The donkey outfits were adorable though.
Once at the top we found a bar to have a couple of beers and bought some douche bag tourist hats while we watched the sunset. It was the most glorious sunset I had ever seen in my entire life. They weren’t lying when they said it was the best in the world.
I’m 100% sure I’ll be heading back to Santorini at some point in my life. Such a gorgeous place which I didn’t see enough of.

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