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Europe Wandering – Prague

Our first full day in Prague was spent on a bike tour! We love our bike tours. We found this place on Viator. It’s a great way to see the city sites and figure out the layout of the city.
Great morning. Afterwards we hung out under the astrological clock and had some lunch.
That night we decided to have a quick bite to eat before we went out on a pub crawl that the bike tour guide invited us on. The waiter said that one main wouldn’t be enough to share, so we got two. Big mistake.
The pub crawl was hectic. I’m pretty sure our guides were high. We got so many free shots and went to so many clubs, including the biggest nightclub in central Europe. There were fun people on the crawl and we partied till the early hours of the morn. We got free shirts too!
We spent the next day up at Prague castle. On the way back down we stopped at the Modern Art museum. We didn’t get it. We had a quiet dinner and did a bit of shopping. Early night for our trip to Berlin tomorrow.


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