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Europe Wandering – Ios

We caught the fast ferry from Athens to Ios – a travel agent organised the service while we were still at home. Purchasing online was far more expensive, and our schedule was too tight to risk winging it.
Ios. What a hectic place. We rocked up on our fast ferry from Athens, jumped on our shuttle bus and headed across the island to Far Out Village – our home for the next couple of nights. Far Out Village sits right on the beach so that’s immediately where we migrated to – even though we both felt like fat lumps after a few weeks of travel and indulging.
Matt used to play a lot of volleyball, so as soon as a game started he was in! Turns out one of the guys was a local club owner, and invited us to visit later that night.
That night we headed out to check out the local scene. First stop was Fun Pub for giant jenga and hectic pool games. We made friends with a group of people on a Contiki trip, and they said we should follow them to the next pub…. so we did! Next stop was Slammers bar. Thanks to the Contiki group we were following, we got a free shot upon entry. After that, it was buy your own shots… which I did not..  It was literally a bar where you put on a helmet, did a shot, and then got hit on the head with a heavy item. Think skateboards, milk crates, fire hydrants… insane. Matt had a go, but I just stuck to a normal cocktail. So many laughs at that place.
After we decided to find the Astra bar – owned by the guy who Matt played volleyball with earlier. We could not, so we changed plans and went to grab some food. So many drunk people. We bought some 2euro gyros, sat down with a group of people and immediately spotted Astra bar across the road. So afterwards we caught up with volleyball guy, had a boogey and free drinks.
The next day we went on a kayak tour around the island. The trip started of…. fun. Matt the HILARIOUS joker tipped the kayak and I somehow ended up with a huge bruise on my butt. FUN TIMES THANKS MATT.
We kayaked around the island to a rocky stop for a bbq lunch and a snorkel. Afterwards some more kayaking and a cliff jump (no thanks) and then kayak back to Far Out Village. After another busy day we just had a quiet dinner and a beach walk.
Perfect weather the next day for another ferry. Took a quick look at my new bruise, then we were on our way!
Goodbye Ios.  Next stop: Santorini!


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