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Kayaking and Fishing at Danjera Dam

Today my Papa Bear and I took the Hobie kayaks to Danjera Dam for some Bass fishing. Danjera Dam is located in Yawal, in between my house and my Dad’s house, so we met up there. The dam actually covers an old Gold Rush town! In the side of some of the dam walls you can see old tunnels and other mining memorabilia.
Hobie kayaks use a pedal system to propel the kayak forward, rather than using oars. This makes it less tiring when paddling around, and also leaves the hands free for fishing! Bass fishing is great. They’re awesome sport; fast to take the bait, and they put up a good fight. We don’t keep the bass. Dad isn’t a fan of eating them. He prefers the fish he catches at the Basin.
Dad and I are very competitive when it comes to ANYTHING. Luckily, I caught the biggest fish of the day, so I could spend a lot of time rubbing it in his face. Haha. Talking about faces, don’t mind mine in the picture – I’ve love to pull faces in photos 🙂


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