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Kayaking & Motorcycle Adventures

While Matt does fly-in/fly-out work, I often have a lot of free weekends. This weekend I decided to spend some time with my Papa Bear. I packed up the car and drove down the coast to St Georges Basin, NSW (my home town).
We loaded up the kayaks and drove down to the Basin. Once in the water we paddled up Wandandian Creek to check out the scenery and local wild life.
We saw birds, jumping fish and water dragons. The water dragons let us get pretty close!
After we did a round trip, a couple of Dad’s mates decided to do a run down to Ulladulla as it was such a nice day. I jumped on the back of dad’s Harley and joined them. I don’t go out riding with Dad much as I did when I was a little kid, so it was good fun!
As you can see, I look ridiculous on a Harley. I also felt ridiculous. The thing is so heavy, I would never be able to keep it upright. The other thing you might notice is all the graffiti. People are the worst sometimes.

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