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11 Amazing Activities you MUST do on Bohol

Wow. Bohol. There is just SO much to do there! Jungles, waterfalls, beaches… Bohol has it all! A popular place among locals and tourists alike, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with options… so let me tell you about some of my absolute favourites!

Chocolate Hills

Right smack bang in the middle of Bohol is the main tourist attraction of the Chocolate Hills. These things are so perfectly formed that Matt asked me if they’re man-made. The answer is no! Visit any time of the day – you’ll find them spectacular no matter the position of the sun.

Chocolate Hills Bohol Philippines

Chocolate Hills Bohol Philippines

ATV Chocolate Hills

Okay seeing the Chocolate Hills from a lookout might be good for some, but for those who want to get their blood pumping, opt for an ATV ride through the hills. You can rent a bike and guide per hour – I recommend 2 hours. I also recommend shoes, which I did not have. And a sports bra.

Chocolate Hills ATV Bohol Philippines

Chocolate Hills ATV Bohol Philippines 2

Chocolate Hills ATV Bohol Philippines 3

Man-Made Forest

Unlike the Chocolate Hills, the Mahogany Forest IS man made, which is why you’ll find it on Google Maps under that name. A beautiful cruise through the forest, make sure you watch out for tourists standing in the middle of the road, trying to get that perfect insta-pic. Add it as a stop over on your trip to perhaps the Chocolate Hills or anywhere centrally located on Bohol island.

Man Made Forest Bohol Philippines

Tarsier Sanctuary

The critically endangered Tarsier can be found in a few Sanctuaries around Bohol, so just do a little research to ensure you’re handing over your money to an ethical one. These poor little nocturnal primates are stressed out easily, so the tours are short and very quiet, but very worth it. They’re no bigger than your fist and incredibly adorable.

Tarsier Sanctuary Bohol Philippines

Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Watch your step and hold on tight. This safe, but incredibly dodgy looking bridge is made from woven bamboo. Cross to the otherside to get yourself a cold buko juice and ready yourself for the cross back.

Bamboo Hanging Bridge Bohol Philippines

Loboc River Cruise

Fancy a buffet lunch on Bohol’s Loboc River? Jump on this floating dining room for great views, live music and tranquil surroundings. The boat cruises down to a small waterfall, does an about turn and heads back, stopping to see some traditional Filipino dancing along the way.

Loboc River Cruise Bohol Philippines

Loboc River Cruise 2

Loboc River Cruise 3

Dimiao Twin Waterfalls

A very special spot hidden in the Bohol forest, Twin Falls is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. Being a little bit out of the way keeps the tourists at bay. The turquoise waters are a dream to float in, and you can swim right under the falls for a refreshing shower.

Twin Falls Bohol Philippines

Twin Falls Bohol Philippines

Twin Falls Bohol Philippines 2

Magaso Falls

Another pretty waterfall (one of many). This one was a bit easier to get to than Twin Falls, as it’s closer to Bohol’s main city of Tagbilaran, and just as nice. Can’t vouch for the swim, as it was raining the day we visited, but I reckon it would go alright!

Magaso Falls Bohol Philippines

Hinagdanan Cave

You’ll find this incredible cave on the island of Panglao (an island a short bridge crossing from Bohol), deep underground. Even though there’s bats hanging around, I only heard a few squeaks from them and didn’t see even one. The water is surprisingly clean and clear (I was afraid of bat poo) and it smelt just fine. Get in early to beat the tourists!

Hinagdanan Cave Bohol Philippines

Scuba Diving/Snorkelling Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island is a must! There are daily trips to the little island from Panglao’s Alona Beach, 45 minutes away by boat. Either grab a snorkel or try your hand at scuba diving to see turtles, schools of jackfish and incredible corals. Lots of macro life here, so take your time checking out all the reef has to offer.

Balicasag Island Bohol Philippines

Balicasag Island Bohol Philippines Jackfish

Balicasag Island Bohol Philippines Scuba Diving

Beach Time at Alona Beach

Tired from all the exploring? Me too. Alona Beach is the perfect place to kick back, take a swim, soak up some vitamin D and maybe even get a beach massage. Once the day is out, plonk down at one of the beach front bars, grab a cocktail and watch the sun sink and light up the sky.

Alona Beach Sunset Panglao Island Bohol Philippines

You can get to Bohol island via plane (expensive) or ferry (inexpensive). OceanJet ferries run hourly from Cebu Port to Tagbilaran for approximately 500 pesos. Although there is accommodation island wide, Alona Beach on Panglao is the more popular area, with a plethora of restaurants, bars, hotels/hostels and scooter rentals. The best way to get about is via scooter, but of course there are tour operators and tricycles for hire.

If you have any other questions about Bohol give us a shout in the comments!

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