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Review: Emirates Business Class

Now Matt and I are no fancy fairies, but when we realised we had enough Qantas points to not only get us flights to Europe, but also upgrade one leg of the flight to business, we were on it like white on rice!

Although we purchased our tickets through Qantas, the flight was actually operated by Emirates. Our first flight from Perth to Dubai was just regular Economy.

We had flown from Sydney to Dubai with Emirates before and were very impressed. This time… well let’s just say we didn’t even get any water until 3 or 4 hours in. Not good.

Flying into Dubai

We were glad to finally arrive at the airport and scout some water. Luckily, because we were flying business the next flight between Dubai and Saint Petersburg, we were given access to the Emirates Business Lounge at the airport. So after a stroll around the terminals, we popped into a lounge. Such a treat, but so bad for someone with now will power like me… Every hour I jumped up and grabbed a drink and something to eat! The food was delicious though! We could also have showers and naps. It was my kind of stop over!

Emirates Business Lounge

Next up, the flight! You could tell we were the only ones new to the entire experience by the way that we started fiddling with the chair/bed controls as soon as we sat down. I was served my welcome champagne in a full recline position, haha. The spaces were so large I could stretch out my legs without touching the seat in front of me! So THIS is how the other half live!

Emirates Business Class Flight 6

Welcome champagne. All that room and I’m still scrunching myself up on the chair. Old habits die hard.

Before lunch we were offered a pre-meal beverage. I had a bloody mary. It was delicious, and served with WARM nuts. WARM. Not only that, but they had a live sports channel. We could watch the FIFA World Cup games!! Woohoo!

Emirates Business Class Flight 1

Our 3 course lunch was decently sized and as good as you could imagine… for plane food.  I had a sashimi dish for entree and a chicken curry for main. I skipped out on dessert in favour for some TV and horizontal time. But alas, it was not to be. The TV kept malfuntioning, making it unwatchable. Oh well. I had to settle for a sleep. Poor me. Haha.

Emirates Business Flight

Flying out of Dubai.

All in all it was a great experience, but not so good that I would ever fork out for it full price. Here’s hoping for a free upgrade one day soon!

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  1. Fancy ! My dream is to do a long trip in business class again . Dad & I managed to get an upgrade 9 years ago sydney to Singapore. Trouble was being so excited and only 9 hours we spent most of the time playing with seats, entertainment, & food . Would be good to do it on the longer leg of the trip.
    I also prefer Emirates generally over qantas . Seats food toilets service much better

    • 9 hours is still a decent amount of time! Besides playing with all the perks, what else are you supposed to do in business class? I mean, there’s napping of course, but what else? Did I miss out on something??

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