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Hiking Gosangs Tunnel

Being home for an entire weekend means I can do some exploring! My 2 mates had found a hike out Currarong way named Gosangs Tunnel, so I didn’t even have to do any research. We jumped in my hire car and zoomed out to Jervis Bay National Park.

Gosangs Tunnel

The hike starts out pretty simple… except for the part where it’s not labeled “Gosangs Tunnel”. Just start following the signs for Abraham’s Bosom (lols) and then Mermaid Inlet.

Eventually signs for Gosangs Tunnel will appear, and you’ll see ocean views.


It was a pretty cold and rainy day, and we arrived at the tunnel entrance just as some rain started coming down. By the time we finished berating ourselves for hiking on a shit day, the rain had stopped.

The tunnel was just low enough to make it super awkward to get through. You don’t want to crawl cos the floor is so hard and uneven, but crouching is just a bit too hard, and the roof is HARD on the head. Haha.

One you get through to the other side you are greeted with beautiful views of the ocean from the top of some wonderful sea cliffs. The wind and the force of the waves soon explain how the tunnel was formed.

We stayed for a little while and took some photos for the ‘gram. How’d we go?

And we were greeted back to the car by some kangaroos. ‘Straya!

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