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Tui Brewery Tour

Have you heard of Tui beer? You may know them from their hilarious adverts that are shared far and wide over the internet!

A pretty typical “beer for the boys” type marketing, haha.

Tui Brewery can be found in┬áMangatainoka. Dad and I made a pit stop on our way to Napier Valley. Due to the “big company” ownership, this brewery was run more like a micro brewery, but it was still a heap of fun full of interesting history.

When you walk in there’s a bit of an intro to the brand. Including some of their funny adverts! There’s history on how the brand originated and how it got to where it is today. Then they start on the tour of the brewery.

Tui Brewery 5

We walked around the buildings, hearing about each individual one. Some of it was interesting, some not. I don’t really care that a building holds functions and has a certain people capacity. More about the beer please.

Tui Brewery 6

Tui Brewery 7

Tui Brewery 1

We saw some old cars that featured in their funny ads or were used as “mobile bars” in the “good ol’ days”.

Tui Brewery 8

Finally, the actual beer! We were lucky enough to see fresh NZ hops they were using to brew the beer!

Tui Brewery 9

Tui Brewery 2

Tui Brewery 3

Tui Brewery 10

And then the best part… the beer tasting!

Tui Brewery 11

Tui Brewery 4

The beer was delicious, but my two favourites were the original Tui brew and “Frank the Tank”. If you’re in Australia, you can find Tui in Dan Murphys.

And just in case you have a little too much beer…

Tui Brewery 12

There’s even slots for goods in case you have to spend an extended amount of time, hahahahaha!

Have you been on a brewery tour?

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