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14 Photos to inspire you to visit Mount Ruapehu

Tongariro National Park was an unscheduled stop on our tour of the North Island of New Zealand. Perks of van life!

My Dad and I decided to head towards the centre of the North Island and check out Mount Ruapehu. Mount Ruapehu is actually a volcano *gasp*, but there was no danger here, only amaaaaaazing views!

We drove into Tongariro National Park and was met with the most wondrous site! The perfect tease to get us impatient for the next day. We parked up the motor home at a Dept of Conservation camp site for the night.

Mount Ruapehu New Zealand

The next day we started early and started the drive up the mountain. We had to keep stopping to take in the views. Views for days!!






We grabbed a coffee and then jumped on the ski lift to get further up the mountain! I also bought a beanie, because it was coooooold! I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to cold weather.


Once we got to the top it was time for ALL THE PICTURES!



We had an early lunch on the side of the mountain… I had the best, freshest taco I had ever had! I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but we had it with a Corona and it was glorious!!


There was a big storm headed our way, so we had to make a quick exit off the mountain. Down the ski lift we go!


In the motor home on our way back down we just had to stop and check out this stuff! It looked like melting snow from afar, but up close it was a type of spiky moss… very strange!


The mountain water melting and running down the side of the mountain made for some amazing scenery.


At the bottom of the mountain are all the ski lodges that I’m sure are packed in the Winter, but we found a Maori Carving business. They were currently working on some pieces for the National Art Gallery. Such amazing work!


What do you think? Would you head to Mount Ruapehu? Would you go in the Summer or Winter season?

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