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Hiking and Wildlife in Bold Park

Another day, another hike with the pups. Today it’s Bold Park, a 437 hectare patch of bushland, located in City Beach, north west of Perth. It boasts beautiful views of the city from the Reabold Hill Lookout. Unfortunately, Perth decided to be super hazy the day we visited. Thanks Perth!


Smokey View from Bold Park

Moving right long! There were so many runners sweating their way through Bold Park, I almost felt guilty leisurely walking with the dogs, stopping frequently to take pictures. The banksias were everywhere in bright reds, oranges and yellow, attracting bees and birds.


Banksia, Bold Park


Banksia & Bee, Bold Park


Wattle Bird, Bold Park


Bold Park, Perth, Western Australia


Corella, Bold Park


Lorikeet, Bold Park


Corellas, Bold Park


Black Cockatoo, Bold Park


Kibble & Charlie, Bold Park

We trekked 7km around the park. There were just enough hills that my calves were sore the next day. It’s a beautiful stop if you want some quiet time with nature.

Sometimes it’s nice to stop and appreciate the area you live in. As much as I love travelling the world, there is so much beauty right in Perth that needs exploring. My mum is visiting later in the year, and I’m pretty excited to show off Perth and have a stay-cation!


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