A Night at Kalbarri

We decided that the trip from Exmouth to Perth was just too much, so we booked a quick stop in Kalbarri to see us through. We drove and drove and drove… and pee’d on the side of the road a couple of times (read, a lot of the time…) until we FINALLY arrived at Kalbarri. Can you tell I was pretty over the driving component of our trip?

We last minute booked a hotel – 80 bucks for a night at Kalbarri Palm Resort. And I’ll tell you what, we got what we paid for. Everything had a thin layer of dust and we found out in the morning that the bed had bugs. Fun!

We had dinner from a bistro at the local pub and it was very tasty! I had the chicken schnitzel, and Matt had surf and turf… how he stomached more seafood after our Exmouth experience I just don’t know.

In the morning we drove along the coast to check out the sites along the way.


Osprey, Kalbarri, Western Australia


Castle Cove, Kalbarri, Western Australia


Castle Cove, Kalbarri, Western Australia


Matt and I at Castle Cove with our Keep Cups and my fav Tigerlily skirt 🙂


Kalbarri Coast, Western Australia


Natural Bridge, Kalbarri, Western Australia


Osprey, Kalbarri, Western Australia


Our Hilux, kitted out in our new Darche gear.

Our Monkey Mia, Exmouth and Kalbarri trip was so amazing. We learnt so much about Kalbarri (beautiful national park, beach camping…) we know we’ll be heading back for a Summer campout.