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Adventure Time in Phang-Nga!

We booked an adventure filled day in the Phang-Nga province of Thailand, a couple of hours north of Patong. A bus picked us up from our hotel, and  off we went!

First up; a zipline!

Next: White Water Rafting. This was only the second time I’ve been White Water Rafting (the first being at the purpose built venue for Sydney Olympics) and although it was a lot of fun, it wasn’t very exhilarating.

White Water Rafting Thailand

ATV rides were up next, but this was like NOTHING I’ve ever done before. It was SOOOOO LAME. Seriously didn’t even feel the wind on my face we were going so slow.

ATV in Thailand

A quick spot of lunch. Thai food is ALWAYS so good!


Ok, time for some FUN! Elephant Flight was a huuuuge water slide that had you flying through the air and into the water. I HATE the feeling of falling, so as you’ll see, my one and only attempt was a huge fail that left me with an epic bruise.

Slide in Thailand

Puppy made it better!


We could then wash off and relax under a pretty waterfall!

Thailand Waterfall

The day was over, and we were all pooped, but we still had time to have a stop at the Monkey Cliffs. The monkeys were a bit terrifying, but fun to watch.

A fun day out, but not really the thrill we were seeking. No regrets though, glad we gave it a go!!

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