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Khai Nai and Phi Phi Islands

Adventure time! We’re off to experience islands just off the coast of Phuket. We were loaded onto a bus at our hotel, driven to the port, equipped with fins and mask, and jam packed on a boat with a bunch of other tourists.

Fortunately the sun was out and our boat guide was a lovely man who insisted we call him Miss Susan. Miss Susan was glorious. I would’ve spent my whole holiday with Miss Susan if I could’ve. Miss Susan kept us entertained all the way to our first island.


Khai Nai Island was an island with a bar, a kitchen/dining area and a small clothes/souvenir store and a whooooole heap of sand. Fantastic! We went for a quick snorkel with no results, so instead spent our time soaking up the sun and drinking pina coladas.

Next up was a swim and snorkel stop just off Phi Phi Island. Unfortunately we had to jump off the boat to get into the water, and as I’ve mentioned a zillion times before, I hate jumping off things. So I nervously clambered to the front of the boat and awkwardly jumped into the water. I’m so uncoordinated. Luckily it was worth it, and there was some marine life to be seen.

Finally, we stopped at Phi Phi Island! Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of exploring to be had in the short time we were there, and the clouds were rolling in, so we settled on a stroll around the main area, stopping for a cocktail, and then a stroll back to the boat along the beach. I would love to come back when the sun was out and we had more time.

Talking about clouds rolling in, we experienced a stormy boat ride home… the waves were building into a choppy mess, the rain begun to fall…. and there was no way the boat driver was slowing down! Sea sickness or apparent safety be damned, we were getting back to the port on time! Luckily I was on the bow of the boat which was uncovered and separate from the inside, so although I got to experience the wind, the bounce of the boat and the needle rain drops, I didn’t have to smell the multiple tourists repeating their lunches into plastic bags.

We were glad when we finally made it back to the calm waters of the port and bade Miss Susan farewell. An interesting and mostly fun day, probably not the best activity to do at the cusp of the monsoon season.

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