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4WDing the Monkey Gum Trail

My dad often took my family four wheeled driving when we were growing up, so I’m never as excited as Matt, but I enjoy it all the same, and I get a better view from the front seat! Ever since purchasing his Hilux Matt has become 4wd crazy! We’ve been getting out for a bush bash as often as possible, with as many people as possible. Today we had a 6 car convoy including my mum and dad in their car, 2 of their mates in another, my cousin and her boyfriend in the third car, 2 of their mates in the fourth, 3 of our mates in the fifth car and last but not least Matt, Matt’s sister and I in the sixth car.

We begun the day by meeting up at the start of the Monkey Gum fire trail to do a last check and prep on the cars, and discuss approach. Mostly I just played catch up with my mum and cousin. Once we were all deemed good to go, we were off…. for about 5 mins. Matt promptly sped for the first puddle of mud he could find and immediately got stuck. Perhaps it set the standard for the day.


After getting rescued by one of the convoy we got back on track and made our way to Wombat Flat to have some lunch. We made it there without much issue. It had been raining, and the track was quite washed away, with big ruts to navigate through.

Once at Wombat Flat we headed down to the stream to have a closer look. Dad decided to do a u-turn in the creek to make our way back to a good lunch spot and misjudged the depth/current of the water. The car got stuck and water started leaking into the car. Much panic ensued. My dad doesn’t have much patience, so he was ordering everyone around and just yelling in general. We eventually got him out… at least it was clean fresh water!



After that it was slow moving. The track was more washed away than expected, and the going was tough. A third car got stuck when navigating a larger hole in the track.



By the time we reached the last couple of kilometers we were cheering our success. No more major issues, and although it took longer than expected, and the sun was setting, we were almost done. And then Marco tried to drive through a puddle.


We all had a good laugh while Marco tried to attach a strap to the car without getting covered in mud. Matt eventually pulled him out.


All that was left was the steep and rocky incline to the end. There was actually a queue ahead of us, and it turned out Dad and I knew one of the guys who were ahead of us! And it was lucky we did… it took around 3 hours for us to all help each other up the hill. We had to use winches and straps – it really tested our gear and skill out.


Once we all made it to the top I was completely over it. We were all hungry and tired and ready for a shower. I think it will be a while before we attempt this track again.

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