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Melbourne – Socceroos FIFA World Cup Qualifier

The first thing we did when we arrived in Melbourne is hit the Queen Victoria Markets. We LOVE those markets. The atmosphere… the food… especially the food. We got some snacks for the hotel room to have with some wine later. We also found a tiny dog in a bag! Eeeeeeee!


We were staying at the Novotel, and got upgraded due to status… all those stays in Europe paid off!

We hit the Melbourne Casino for some gambling and giant cocktails. Matt and I don’t mind a go at the casino. I love blackjack, but I swear I need someone to tell me the rules every single time. Memory like a goldfish.


The main attraction of our trip was the Socceroos World Cup qualifier. Matt loves soccer, and the Socceroos were in with a chance. We got last minute sweet seats. Beer, good seats and a win made it worth the visit, and we hope they make it ALL the way to Rio. Woo!

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