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4WD Cape York – the Northernmost Point of Australia

This guide is for those true adventurers, ready to find the most remote part of Australia. For those who want to see the most northern part of Australia. For those who are ready to see the legendary Cape York!

If you’re keen, follow this 10 day itinerary to have the most amazing time! This itinerary is meant for those who have a 4wd, but can be easily amended for those who don’t.

Day 1 – Cairns to Elliot Falls

Cape York Road Trip Early Start Parking lot at sunrise

Day one was all about getting up early for that worm. We were on the road by sunrise, making our way all the way to Elliot Falls, setting up camp at dusk.

The convoy drove up the PDR and watched the road turn from tarmac, to gravel, to the classically Australia red dirt. Elliot Falls is the halfway mark on the Old Telegraph Track, which we would begin the next day. The plan was to do the northern side of the track first, as we were on a mission to get to Punsand Bay.

Elliot Falls Cape York Queensland Australia

The team washed off the days car grime in the nearby creek with a beer, and dried off next to a campfire. Bliss.

Day 2 – All the Waterfalls to Nolan’s Creek

We woke with the sunrise, ready to start the day. Straight to Fruit Bat Falls for a morning pick me up. An 8am arrival meant we had the place all to ourselves!

Driving between Waterfalls

A 5 minute drive later we were at Elliot Falls, and ready for our first beer of the day. Why wait, we’re on holidays!

Twin Falls Cape York Queensland Australia

From there, we begun our first stint on the Old Telegraph Track. The Telegraph Track is well known for collecting casualties. There are tow numbers posted on gum trees before any major crossing (even though there’s barely any phone reception).

4WD River Fun Cape York Queensland Australia

The crew were no exception to the casualty rule, with the first car busting a radiator at Nolan’s Creek. We had to call a few favours to have a radiator delivered from Seisa. All we could do was wait, so we set up for another night along the Old Telegraph Track.

Side note: do not store your laptop under the seat for safety. You will get stuck in a creek. Your car will fill with water. You will ruin your laptop.

Car Problems Cape York Queensland Australia

Day 3 – The Tip (Cape York!)

Up and on the road the next day meant an early Jardine River Crossing, making it to Punsand Bay for their famous pizza – their last before they closed for the season. Our journey occurred mid November, just before the wet season hit. This meant that although most of the creek crossings were dried up, we had the Old Telegraph Track all to ourselves before it closed for the wet season.

A 10 minute drive down the road, and we were at the most northern tip of Australia.

Explorer Cape York Queensland Australia
Sticker Collection Cape York Queensland Australia
The Tip of Australia Cape York Queensland

You have to get the obligatory sign photo, other wise how can you prove you went?! Sign says:

You are standing at the northernmost point of the Australian continent.

Tip Sign Cape York Queensland Australia
Drone Tip of Australia Cape York Queensland

After enjoying the remote tranquility and then crashing the drone, we made our way back to Punsand Bay caravan park.

Day 4 – Punsand Bay to Somerset Bay

Punsand Bay Beach Cape York Queensland Australia

No swimming in this bay – too many crocodiles about! We packed up to go discover the area. First up, 4wding around Roma Flats.

Next, we took the steep hill down to explore the 5 Beaches and get some fishing in. We didn’t get to all the beaches (there’s more like 7 or 8) because of MORE car trouble. At least we came prepared with 3 mechanics!

Fishing 5 Beaches Cape York Queensland Australia
4wd 5 Beaches Cape York Queensland Australia
Four Wheel Drive Five Beaches Cape York Queensland Australia
Coast Cape York Queensland Australia

Taking the long way to Somerset Bay meant we could check out some World War 2 remnants. Another beautiful beach campsite, but of course, no swimming here.

Somerset Bay Cape York Queensland Australia

Day 5 – Get your Repairs Done in Seisa

We woke up early to do some exploring before we left to go south. A short walk north through the mangroves led us to an old well.

Next stop was Top End Mechanical Services to get my cousins car fixed. Luckily the owner was my cousin’s mate, so that made the experience much easier.

While we were in Seisa, we decided to check out some of the old World War 2 plane ruins and oil barrels. Some interesting history in this remote town.

Fishing was also on the cards! Seisa wharf was a spot favoured and recommended by the locals. We had no luck.

Sunset at Somerset Pub. Dinner here was the bees knees!

Day 6 – Cape York Back to Cockatoo Creek

The convoy packed up and zipped straight down the PDR to the mid-point of the Telegraph Track – where we first started on Day 1! Here we would do the southern end.

We made it all the way to Cockatoo Creek to set up for the night. It was one of my favourite camp spots. Absolutely beautiful.

Day 7 – More Old Telegraph Track to Pennefather

We made it though to the end of the Telegraph Track and were lucky enough to see some of the old school telegraph poles that were it’s namesake.

A quick stop at Bramwell Station before heading west until we hit Pennefather beach. The camp spot had little huts we could set up our camp beds in, raised from the ground to keep us safe from crocodiles… Which made me MORE paranoid, haha.

Day 8 – Fishing, Crocodiles & Abandoned Ranger Cabins

The next day was spent fishing, drinking and exploring. Matt and Brett were lucky enough to catch some fish (and a shark! we threw that back).

There was also a ranger station used to monitor the turtle population, but it was all shut up for the wet season.

Day 9 – Leaving Cape York Peninsula

The last day we got up late and then drove south until we hit Coen. The team was able to find a spot beside a creek we could set up for the night and the boys caught yabbies for dinner.

Day 10 – Coen to Cairns

The last leg took us back to Bunnings before we all parted ways. An amazing trip with memories that will last me a lifetime. Check out the video below for all my favourite highlights!

Now you’re back in Cairns, check out these things to do!

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