Diving the Navy Pier at the Naval Comms Station – Exmouth

I’ll start with this: the Navy Pier is the best dive I’ve ever been on. Ever.

Once again with Dive Ningaloo, we headed out to the Harold E Holt Naval Communications Station in their cool little bus to get ready for what was promised to be an awesome dive. Dive Ningaloo are the only company allowed to run dives out on the Navy Pier. I’m sure this limited access ensures that the marine life is plentiful.

We were told it was a tricky dive. We needed a slack tide to do the dive, so once we arrived on the pier we waited patiently for the current to ease. Plenty of time to kit up and prepare for the dive. Entrance was a long stride off the pier – about a 2m drop into the water. I’m not sure if I’ve said it before, but I do not like jumping off things. With some encouragement from the Dive Ningaloo team I took the stride and plunged into the water, coming up with with the shakes and tears in my eyes. I freaking hate jumping off things.

During the entrance process my GoPro colour correcting red lens cracked so we had to leave it behind. That, and the -not great- visibility, contributed to some pretty mediocre photos. But while we were diving it didn’t matter a bit. The fish would come up so close that it was easy to get a very very very good look. Check out the video footage to see what I mean!

We were treated with a sunset once we got out of the water and packed up. Such a beautiful dive in a beautiful location.