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Lagoon Swimming at Crystal Creek

It can be hard in North Queensland… All that beautiful coastline and no swimming allowed… In comes Crystal Creek! Just a short drive from Townsville, Crystal Creek is a beautiful location to cool off on those hot Queensland days. You won’t find any crocodiles or deadly stingers here!

Crystal Creek Lagoon Queensland Australia

Upon first driving up to the creek carpark, you’ll find toilets, showers, BBQ’s and picnic benches – everything you need to stay comfortable during the day. Following the trail will take you to the large lagoon, known as Big Crystal Creek. Big and deep, there’s room for everyone to cool off!

Crystal Creek Falls Queensland Australia

Drive a little further up the road, and you’ll find another trail that will lead you up stream where you’ll find cascading waterfalls and small waterholes. This is Little Crystal Creek! Be sure to tread carefully – the rocks can be slippery! You’ll also find a 1930’s arch bridge you can take some beautiful photos with during the wet season (I visited in the dry season).

Girl Standing at Crystal Creek Queensland Australia

Crystal Creek is 1 hour north of Townsville. If you have the time you can park up for the night in the camp ground – be sure to purchase a permit, and always remember to clean up after yourself! If you’re just passing though, the water is fresh, cool and you won’t regret a dunk in the water!

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