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Should you visit both sides of Iguazu Falls?

One of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls are the epic waterfalls of the Iguazu River, which separates Brazil and Argentina. When I first begun researching Iguazu Falls, I was hit with a problem: which side of the falls should I visit? Matt and I would be wrapping up our time in Brazil, but then moving on to Buenos Aires, so either side was viable.

Now Iguazu Falls is bloody expensive to get to, to see and to stay, but in the end, I just said “fuck it”, and booked in some time on both sides of the falls. So without further ado, let me tell you about BOTH SIDES of Iguazu Falls.

Brazil: Cataratas do Iguaçu

The two main ways to get to Iguazu Falls is via bus or plane. Matt and I flew straight in from Sao Paulo and then caught an Uber to our accommodation in Foz do Iguacu – the little town 20km away, where you’ll need to stay to access the falls. After dropping off our gear, we caught a taxi to the falls (Uber was being a jerk), where you’ll be taken to the Iguacu National Park entrance. Once there, we paid the entrance fee, which included a short bus ride from the park entrance to the actual falls.

Cataratas do Iguacu Brazil Butterfly Girl

Once there, you’ll be able to meander along a nice board walk with a buttload of stairs, getting increasingly better glimpses of the Iguazu Falls. This continues for about 2kms, until you reach the base of Devil’s Throat, where you reach the ultimate view of all waterfall views. The boardwalk expands out onto the river, giving you the best views of the gushing water. Millions and millions of tonnes of water, the sound of it rushing down and underneath you and the cool spray of the mist hitting you. The most incredible experience. Squeeze through the crowds and use your elbows to get the coveted Instagram shot, and then slowly rotate to let the next person pull their best pose.

Cataratas do Iguacu Brazil Iguazu Falls

Once again using your elbows, make your way back towards dry land and take the elevator up to the viewing platform to get one last look at the falls, before heading back to the bus for the short trip home. Here we skipped the taxi and opted for a public bus, as it was easier to figure out how to get home.

Cataratas do Iguacu Brazil Iguazu Falls Devils Throat

Flights: $250 AUD (each)
Taxi: $20 AUD
Entrance Fee: $25 AUD (each)
Public Bus: $4 AUD (each)
Accommodation: $85 AUD (for 1 night)

Cataratas do Iguacu Brazil Instagram Pose
Cataratas do Iguacu Brazil Reflection

Argentina: Cataratas del Iguazú

The easiest way to get to the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls is to catch a taxi. I said TAXI. A taxi with a specific license in fact, that allows the driver to cross the border easily. Uber drivers cannot obtain this license, so don’t even try. If you’re coming from elsewhere, there are planes and buses you can catch.

Cataratas del Iguazu Argentina Devils Throat

The Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls is pretty big, and there’s a lot to see and do. Matt and I spoke with one of the travel agents in Puerto Iguazu (where we stayed) on the day we arrived in Argentina and organised a tour for the very next day. It really was that easy!

Cataratas del Iguazu Argentina Butterfly Girl

The drive to Iguazu Falls took about 30 mins. The tour didn’t include entry to Iguazu National Park, so we still had to line up and purchase tickets. We got there pretty early so we missed the crowds. The tour DID include a walking tour, the train ride to Devils Throat, a speedboat ride and transportation. The tour was pretty epic. There was plenty of waiting around for the train to devils throat and the speedboat, but the pro’s far outweighed the con’s.

Cataratas del Iguazu Argentina Speedboat Fun
Cataratas del Iguazu Argentina Speedboat Tour

The beauty of the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls is undeniable. It’s breath taking from every aspect; from the viewpoint at the top of Devil’s Throat, listening to the thundering water falling over what feels like the edge of the world, to the spray of the falls on your face when the speed boat takes you for an exhilarating ride. No photo could do it justice (that I took anyways). We spent about 6 hours exploring the incredible national park.

Cataratas del Iguazu Argentina Iguazu Falls

The next day Matt and I took a flight out of Puerto Iguazu, very satisfied with our choices, and every single penny spent.

Taxi: $50 AUD
Accommodation: $160 AUD (for 2 nights)
Tour: $150 AUD (each)
Entry: $30 AUD (each)
Flights: $160 AUD (each)

Cataratas del Iguazu Argentina Lovers

So the answer is to go to both sides of the falls. I’m sorry, but start saving that money and get your booty there! If you have any questions about either side of the falls, give me a shoutout in the comments below!

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